Soccertes #54: Frank Lampard’s Autograph Looks Like A Penis; with guest Sean Steffen

The boys are back and they complete an episode under an hour! What a miracle!

Most importantly, Mike and Greg speak with Leicester City's manager Claudio Ranieri.

They also talk about all the rimbles and rambles in the world of strange soccer, including Lampard's sexually suggestive autograph, the firing of Derby County's manager and the best Disney movies.

Then they talk about their soccer Valentine's and how they'd like to show Jose Mourinho and Peter Crouch their undying love.

Finally the boys welcome on Sean Steffen, managing editor of SB Nation's LA Galaxy blog, which you can find at http://www.lagconfidential.com. Find him on Twitter @seansteffen

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Soccertes #53: Cheer, cheer, here come the Fleet and Kidderminstering around; with Steve Tervet and Peter McKinney

It's that time of the year again. As the calendar flips over to February, Greg and Mike are doing their promotion and relegation episodes, looking at the teams with an eye towards moving up, and those who are fearful of being thrown down. 

This week: They're looking at the bottom of the National League and the top of the National League North and South. 
To help them, Steve Tervet comes on to talk Ebbsfleet United, the leaders of the National League South. Steve covers the team for KentOnline and the Gravesend Messenger. Follow him @stevetervet.
Then later, Peter McKinney, the sports editor for the Kidderminster Shuttle, comes on to talk the very rough season that the Harriers are having, currently 16 points adrift at the bottom of the table. Follow him @PeteMc78

The full rundown: 

4' - Rimbles

16 - Steve comes on to talk Ebbsfleet United, the team's name change from Gravesend and Northfleet, and how much fun Anthony Cook is. 

30' - Rambles

43' - Quick EPL talk. John Terry's on the way out and so is Pellegrini. Plus, MLS kits! 

54' - Peter joins us to talk Kidderminster, the town's passionate fans and just where the nickname "Carpetmen" came from. 

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Soccertes #52: Conspiracy Theories, Mourinho’s Letter & Barnet Bedlam with Simon Benham

A thrilling episode! Mike and Greg welcome their FIRST live guest! Simon Benham, former Match Day Entertainment Manager of Barnet F.C., joins us in the studio to talk about his fondest memories of working on a League Two ground.

The boys also talk about Mourinho's six-page letter imploring Manchester United to hire him, the newest MLS kits, X-Files style conspiracy theories and which U.S. Presidential candidates match which EPL teams.

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Soccertes #51: DJ Jazzi Barnum-Bobb and new EPL Logos; with Josef Miamjian

We're finally back from our seemingly endless winter break! Back in the same room for the first time, the boys talk all the soccer happenings from around the world, including new possible logos for the EPL next season. Even better, they're joined by Josef Momjian, former Lebanese National Team striker and owner of Soccer Plus in Pasadena, CA. He's led an incredibly interesting life and we were lucky to chat. 

The rundown: 
4' - The Revenant is terrible. We know we're a soccer podcast, but c'mon. Greg says it's good, but c'mon. 
9' - Okay, finally time for actual Rimbles and Rambles. Hellas Veronas haven't won yet, Carmethen Town have the coolest club shop in sports, the MLS Draft MLS'd the hell out of it, and there is a player named Jazzi Barnum-Bobb. 
23' - New EPL logo ideas and EPL news roundup. 
40' - LA-focused MLS talk. LA Galaxy have huge shakeups and how to feel about LAFC. 
47' - Josef comes on to talk his career in Lebanon, his move to the US and Soccer Plus. 
67' - FA Cup chatter
73' - Random Roundup. 
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Soccertes #50: FA Cup Picks and Star Wars Tix with Jose Mourinho

A cross-country Soccertes Special! Mike joins Greg via Skype to talk about the FA Cup, as the boys make their picks for the third round proper.

Then, Mike sits down with recently-dismissed Jose Mourinho. Trust me, you don't want to miss this - especially if you've been dying to hear where he's going next (hint: NOT Manchester United) and how to pronounce his name (hint: we've ALL been wrong).

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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, nut jobs.



Soccertes #49: All I Want For Christmas is Pardew, with Zack Goldman

What a year! Mike and Greg cozy up to the fire and talk Christmas, ya dweebs! With the snow coming down in buckets in Los Angeles, the lads share their favorite brand new Christmas Carols and their dream Soccer-themed New Year's Eve party where Dan Gargan has multiple appearances.

Then, they bring back Zack Goldman (from across the pond!) to talk - what else - the best Christmas jumpers (sweaters) available for purchase. The word "bespoke" is featured at least three times. To listen to his interview, tune in at the 45th minute.

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Soccertes #48: MLS Cup overflows … and makes a giant mess; with William Conwell

Greg and Mike get back together and say farewell to the MLS season following a bizarre and silly MLS Cup. But thanks to the FA Cup and lots of other soccer stuff, they still manage to put on a brave face and move forward. 

Beyond talking about new MLS teams they wished existed and taking the Caleb Porter or Cole Porter quiz, they welcome Stumptown Footy’s editor, William Conwell, back to talk his experience attending the Cup and what the future of the Timbers looks like. Follow him @WilliamConwell

The run down: 

08:00 - Rimbles and Rambles! Arsene Wenger’s love of Bob Marley, Marco Seiler’s great beard, Stevan Jovetic’s selflessness, and all the weirdness soccer has to offer. 

21:00 - Our dream MLS expansion franchises

29:00 - Some notable free agents and re-draft candidates. Basically, a reason to talk about Justin Mapp.

31:30 - The MLS Cup sure was something, wasn’t it? 

37:00 - A look back at our preseason predictions. 

42:00 - William joins in to talk MLS Cup

58:30 - FA Cup madness! 

1:05:00 - Cole Porter or Caleb Porter? 

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Soccertes #47: Dax McCarty is a Metro-Sexual with Pat Murphy and Jason Iapicco

With the *Audi* MLS Cup on the horizon, Mike & Greg speak Pat Murphy of The Massive Report - the Columbus Crew SB Nation blog. Pat tells us all about how he's mourning the impending loss of the iconic gold shirt and what he expects out of the Boys from Ohio when they face the Timbers.

Then, the boys talk with Jason Iapicco of Once a Metro, the SB Nation Red Bulls blog writer and co-host of Red Bull Rant, a podcast. Jason tells us how he's coping with the Red Bulls loss in the playoffs by playing Fallout, and what he hopes the team will do moving forward (despite having won the Supporters' Shield.

The boys also talk about the MLS, the new Universidad de Chile kits, which EPL player would be the best James Bond and much, much more.

18'45: Interview with Pat Murphy about Columbus Crew SC
33'40: Interview with Jason Iapicco about New York Red Bulls

Follow Pat Murphy @_pat_murphy_ and read his writing on www.massivereport.com
Follow Jason Iapicco @doctastooge and read his writing on www.onceametro.com

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Soccertes #46: The Lamar Hunt for Red October with Josh Hakala of TheCup.Us

Greg and Mike return from their Black Friday shopping to celebrate their one year anniversary! That’s right, the show made it to one full year. No one expected us to make it this far and now where they are? DEAD. (No, they’re all alive and well.) 

And to celebrate, they’re looking at the world’s greatest cup competition: THE LAMAR HUNT US OPEN CUP! And to do it, they’re talking to Josh Hakala, the man behind TheCup.Us, the only source dedicated solely to the competition. They talk the struggles that the competition has getting an audience, the wrong assumption that MLS teams don’t take it seriously and the teams and games to follow if you’re looking to latch on to it. Follow Josh and his team’s work at TheCup.Us and follow them on Twitter at @USOpenCup

7:25 - Rimbles and rambles! There’s a player named Zander Diamond, La Liga teams are wearing sponsors on their socks and Scotland has a new kit. 

13:00 - It’s a surprise that we’re still here, so here are a few of our soccer surprises from this year! Leicester is on top of the table, Brighton and Hove Albion are making a push for the Premier League and Burton Albion are a shock near the top of League One! And more! 

20:25 - Since it’s Thanksgiving, it’s our soccer thanks! 

29:10 - Our Thanksgiving meal of soccer names! 

32:00 - Josh joins us to talk US Open Cup! 

52:30 - Our FA Cup bet begins! And we make our FA Cup picks! 

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Soccertes #45: Darlington Nagbe and the Quest for the Best English Burger; with Andrew Helms and Phil Annets

Bet you thought that an international break would mean nothing to talk about on Soccertes! Well, you're wrong you dumb-bag!

Mike and Greg welcome on Andrew Helms, senior editor of 8by8 magazine to talk about his recent article for the Guardian about Darlington Nagbe's call-up to the USMNT (read his article here). Then, they discuss #blazercon and the commercialization of the world's game in the U.S. Follow him @Andrew_Helms

But they aren't done! The boys welcome back Phil Annets to talk about the FA Cup, which ground has the best burger in all of non-league English Football, and what fixtures to look forward to in the coming weeks. Up the Railwaymen! Follow him @FACupFactFile and read his work at FACupFactFile.Wordpress.com.

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