Substitutes Bench # 2: EPL stands for English Poetry League; with Gemma Kaneko, Greg Nussen, Will Clarke and Patrick Onofre


3′ - Three favorite stories of the week. Norwich City took part in the city’s LGBT parade, Pep Guardiola outlaws pizza and Sevilla has one of the saddest transfer announcements possible. 

7′ - Gemma Kaneko comes on to talk her predictions for the EPL season and read some deep, introspective, truly important poetry about a handful of the clubs. Be sure to follow her @GemmaKaneko

38′ - Greg Nussen along with Patrick Onofre and Will Clarke of the Challengers Podcast stop in to give preseason EPL predictions. Who will be proven right? Who will be terribly wrong? How many goals will Zlatan score?! These are the big questions of the day. Be sure to follow Greg @GNussen and check out his other podcast Moron That Later.  Then go and listen to the Challengers Podcast and follow them on Twitter @ChallengersPod

80′ - Game of the week: AFC Wimbledon - Bolton Wanderers

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