Soccertes #59 Thank god for Hilary Stonefrost and the Football League; with Dan Murphy and Gregg Klayman


It’s our second to last promotion and relegation episode! And this time we’re looking at the top of League One and the bottom of Championship. Which means it’s time to chat with Dan Murphy of SB Nation’s Lion of Vienna Suiteto talk about Bolton’s depressing season. But, upshot! There’s hope in the future! 

Then later, we talk about the beauty of lower league football with one American who is trying to make it to all 92 Football League grounds. That would be Gregg Klayman and you can see some of his soccer exploits on Instagram at @OverLandAndOcean

2′ - Rimbles and rambles! We talk a strange Hannover “deal,” which players would do well in Shakespearean roles, Juan Mata gets Soccertes sainthood. 

23′  - Dan comes on and ranks Zack Clough on our chart of Cloughs.

41′ - What soccer story from this year should be turned into a movie? 

43′ - Gregg joins in! Where was his favorite ground? 

Thanks to everyone for tuning in and we’ll see you next week!