Soccertes 57: Cheltenham and Cheese sandwich and a funeral for Dagenham; with Jon Palmer and Ned Keating


Greg and Mike get back to the promotion relegation episodes, this time diving into the top of the National League and the bottom of League Two. 

And to help with that, Ned Keating of the Barking and Dagenham Post joins us to discuss the struggles that Dagenham have had in League Two, and if their funeral home sponsors were some kind of horrifying omen. 

Later, Jon Palmer, sports editor of the Gloucestershire Echo and Gloucester Citizen comes on to talk about the amazing record-setting season that Cheltenham Town are having and sells us on the fact that we should all move there. 

Here's the full rundown: 

5' - After discussing our listening demographics, we jump into Rimbles and Rambles. Sporting wore fake jerseys, Charlton Athletic are a mess, and Macclesfield Town had the best highlight package possible. 

22' - Ned Keating comes on! 

39' - Jon Palmer joins in! 

55' - MLS talk! Tim Howard is coming to the Rapids and we react to the MLS players poll from ESPNFC. 

That's it! See you guys in a week.