Substitutes Bench #3: The Fabian Castillo Transfer Saga; With Drew Epperley

2′ - Who is the saddest team in English soccer? And this week’s three favorite stories featuring Hull City, Bamber Bridge FC’s Wes Anderson-ready film, and the Olympics’ biggest Liverpool fan in Wayde van Niekerk. 

9′ - Drew Epperley of Big D Soccer joins us to talk all things FC Dallas. What was up with Fabian Castillo’s bizarre transfer? How will the team do without him? And is Dallas the future hub of soccer? Find out by tuning in and then follow him @wvhooligan

30′ - Game of the Week: Badshot Lea vs. Cray Wanderers 

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Substitutes Bench # 2: EPL stands for English Poetry League; with Gemma Kaneko, Greg Nussen, Will Clarke and Patrick Onofre

3′ - Three favorite stories of the week. Norwich City took part in the city’s LGBT parade, Pep Guardiola outlaws pizza and Sevilla has one of the saddest transfer announcements possible. 

7′ - Gemma Kaneko comes on to talk her predictions for the EPL season and read some deep, introspective, truly important poetry about a handful of the clubs. Be sure to follow her @GemmaKaneko

38′ - Greg Nussen along with Patrick Onofre and Will Clarke of the Challengers Podcast stop in to give preseason EPL predictions. Who will be proven right? Who will be terribly wrong? How many goals will Zlatan score?! These are the big questions of the day. Be sure to follow Greg @GNussen and check out his other podcast Moron That Later.  Then go and listen to the Challengers Podcast and follow them on Twitter @ChallengersPod

80′ - Game of the week: AFC Wimbledon - Bolton Wanderers

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Substitutes Bench #1 - Expected Pokemon Go, with Sean Steffen and Mark Simpson

#1 - Expected Pokemon Go, with Sean Steffen and Mark Simpson

This is it! Welcome to the very first episode of The Substitutes Bench. We’ll be breaking down culture, oddities, fun and basically anything we want here. For Soccertes listeners, I'll be cross posting the first few episodes until the new ep is in iTunes and you're able to subscribe. Can ya dig it? 

What’s in this week’s episode? 

3′ - Three stories of the week: West Ham’s kit reveal, CD Leganes’ new scratch-n-sniff badge, and Darmstadt’s season ticket plan. 

7′ - Sean Steffen comes on to give a primer on advanced stats and break down this year’s MLS first-half. Check out his work at LAG Confidential and American Soccer Analysis. Follow him @SeanSteffen

40′ - Mark Simpson, the media manager for Hartlepool United comes on. Follow him @MarkSimpsonHUFC and all his work at HartlepoolUnited.co.uk

61′ - Game of the week! Get into the Zimbabwe professional league as CAPS United take on Highlanders. 

That’s it for this edition. Check back in two weeks for more. Follow us @SubsBenchPod and follow me @Michaelsclair

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Soccertes #61: This is the end

Well, this is it. We've come to the very end. 61 episodes ago we came together to make a silly soccer podcast and today we finish with a silly soccer podcast. This week we talk to Quinn Beswick and hope to answer the deepest, most important soccer questions that scientists and scholars have not been able to answer. Follow him @LikeTheEskimo. 

Then Zlatan Ibrahimovic about his new clothing line. Which is more than it seems. 
Phil Annets of FA Cup Factfile then comes on to fill us in on the new rule changes and if he's found a better non-league burger than the one at Barwell. Follow him @FACupFactFile
And we wrap it all up with a look back at our EPL predictions at the start of the year with Patrick and William from the Challengers Podcast. Follow them @ChallengersPod. 
Thanks so much for everyone who ever tuned in, told people about us, came on the podcast, or chose not to send use hate mail. We appreciate it. 
Finally, this podcast might be over, but there will be a spinoff over at SubstitutesBench.Tumblr.Com. There will be more on that to come soon. 


Soccertes #60: Claudio Rainieri only eats pizza; with Dakota Gardner and Simon Benham

Sorry for the delay, but we're back with our penultimate episode! And it's one that is well worth your time. 

Now that the English season is over and Leicester have been crowned champs, Claudio Rainieri returns to tell us about his pizza-eating ways. 

Then, Dakota Gardner comes on to quiz us on two truths and a lie with English football teams. With ACUTAL REAL LIFE ENGLAND NATIVE Simon Benham joining in for the game, just who will win the game? 


Soccertes #59 Thank god for Hilary Stonefrost and the Football League; with Dan Murphy and Gregg Klayman

It’s our second to last promotion and relegation episode! And this time we’re looking at the top of League One and the bottom of Championship. Which means it’s time to chat with Dan Murphy of SB Nation’s Lion of Vienna Suiteto talk about Bolton’s depressing season. But, upshot! There’s hope in the future! 

Then later, we talk about the beauty of lower league football with one American who is trying to make it to all 92 Football League grounds. That would be Gregg Klayman and you can see some of his soccer exploits on Instagram at @OverLandAndOcean

2′ - Rimbles and rambles! We talk a strange Hannover “deal,” which players would do well in Shakespearean roles, Juan Mata gets Soccertes sainthood. 

23′  - Dan comes on and ranks Zack Clough on our chart of Cloughs.

41′ - What soccer story from this year should be turned into a movie? 

43′ - Gregg joins in! Where was his favorite ground? 

Thanks to everyone for tuning in and we’ll see you next week! 



Soccertes #58: Yeovil Town needs a 7-11; with Michael Bromfield

Greg and Mike are back from an unplanned break to debate Leicester City’s amazing season, talk about the Northampton Town and Crewe Alexandra at the top and bottom of League Two and League One, and then chat with businessman and Yeovil Town fan Michael Bromfield about the team and his hopes for the future. Read his work at NotesFromANomad.net and follow him @NotesFromANomad

8′ - Rimbles and Rambles! Leicester City: Are we spoiled? Plus, Emerson Hyndman scored his first goal, Marseille fans have an interesting cheer and there’s a Charlton Athletic protest song. 

32′ - Michael joins us! 

55′ - Northampton and Crewe Alex talk. 

Thanks for joining us and we’ll see you in a week! 



Soccertes 57: Cheltenham and Cheese sandwich and a funeral for Dagenham; with Jon Palmer and Ned Keating

Greg and Mike get back to the promotion relegation episodes, this time diving into the top of the National League and the bottom of League Two. 

And to help with that, Ned Keating of the Barking and Dagenham Post joins us to discuss the struggles that Dagenham have had in League Two, and if their funeral home sponsors were some kind of horrifying omen. 

Later, Jon Palmer, sports editor of the Gloucestershire Echo and Gloucester Citizen comes on to talk about the amazing record-setting season that Cheltenham Town are having and sells us on the fact that we should all move there. 

Here's the full rundown: 

5' - After discussing our listening demographics, we jump into Rimbles and Rambles. Sporting wore fake jerseys, Charlton Athletic are a mess, and Macclesfield Town had the best highlight package possible. 

22' - Ned Keating comes on! 

39' - Jon Palmer joins in! 

55' - MLS talk! Tim Howard is coming to the Rapids and we react to the MLS players poll from ESPNFC. 

That's it! See you guys in a week. 



Soccertes #56: We gave our hearts to Midlothian; with Richard Wilson

With Greg nearly dying from anaphylactic shock and the flu, we're back! And we're finally getting around to doing our look at the Scottish Premiership. Before admitting to our (20th!) lifelong loves, Richard Wilson of TheFootballLife.co.uk comes on to talk the title chase, being a Celtic supporter, and what the league needs to do to grow and thrive. 

Here's the rundown: 

4' - Rimbles and rambles! PSG already wrapped up Ligue 1, Adi Yussuf has a very strange fine, and Max Kruse has a very large fine. In sadder news, a supporter died during Dortmund's game against Mainz, but the 81,000 fans in attendance gave one of the greatest tributes possible. 

18' - Richard joins us! Let's dive deep into Scottish football! 

43' - Our Scottish lifelong loves! Mike takes Partick Thistle and Greg sides with Heart of Midlothian

50' - Quick MLS talk! 

That's it for this week. See you next week! 


Soccertes #55: Strawberry Jelle Van Damme Ale; Costa Rica, MLS and Fantasy with Josie Becker

Wow! 55!

Mike comes back from Costa Rica to talk about his travels and his first-hand experience seeing Liga play Saprissa in the Costa Rican Clasico.

The boys preview the upcoming MLS season, discuss Paris Saint-Germain's motivation, and of course, mourn the loss of Dan Gargan... to free agency. He's still alive.

Then they welcome on Josie Becker of MLSsoccer.com's Monday Morning Rewind. Josie helps the boys understand fantasy soccer and then delightfully rejects any attempt at a prediction. Find her on Twitter @JosieBeckerFC

Stay tuned to the end of the episode for a special, albeit sad announcement, from Greg.

follow us on Twitter @soccertespod. Email us at soccertespodcast@gmail.com. Find us online at www.soccertespodcast.com. Find Greg @GNussen. Find Mike @clairbearattack.


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